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​Build an AI-enabled Robot Arm from scratch




Our most advanced product, the EvoDog quadruped robot can balance and walk like a real dog and is completely programmable and trainable.

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With a programmable sensor and a stinging tail, this kit is designed to give you everything you need to explore quadruped walking algorithms, along with power management for small but powerful mobile robots.

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EvoArm is a highly refined product that teaches the most important concepts of robotics in a beautiful and functional form. Program the resulting arm to type on a keyboard, play songs on a piano, or challenge it to play real AI-enabled Tic-Tac-Toe.

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This robot takes most of the EvoArm's features and updates them into a system that can be programmed as a smart autonomous vehicle with pick and place capabilities.

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Learn and Build Robots

Build a custom-designed high-quality smart AI-enabled robots from scratch, learn to program it using multiple advanced robotics elements including Arduino Uno/Arduino Nano, Raspberry Pi, ROS, motors, sensors and more! Take the robot home with you once built!

Location: downtown Mountain View.


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