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​A full kit with tutorial videos to build an AI-enabled Quadruped Robot Dog from scratch. Unlimited customer support.

EvoDog - Quadruped 
Robotic Dog Kit With Raspberry Pi, Arduino And Camera


Build   Learn  Create

The robot dog you always wanted to build. EvoDog will give you that primal yet futuristic experience of having created a new life-form from scratch, and it will continue to serve as your robotics research and learning platform. Comes with *everything* included in the kit. 

An Agile Robot You Can Learn With 

Use the included computer vision kit to write and research your own AI programs, including face detection and recognition, or person following. Or try to program it to run after a ball you throw across the room!


But Also Have Fun With

Create unlimited Apps easily via a phone to program EvoDog to do all kinds of tricks! Sit, stand, walk, run, say "hi", that's just the beginning! 

Comes with everything you need to get started

EvoDog comes packaged with every component, part and tools you might need during assembly







You can buy any typical robot dog kit off the internet. But once you build it, then what?

Although you will find joy in constructing the EvoDog from scratch, the biggest delight is in the included programming and control software.

Once built and configured, EvoDog can be controlled and programmed from a phone or computer using an intuitively designed interface without requiring coding. For truly unlocking its features, it can be programmed with Python, C++ or any language that supports publishing ROS messages, or making HTTP requests.



Ready To Go

Includes everything you need to get started


Raspberry Pi


Arduino Nano

Kit Contents

Arduino Nano

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Zero W (with wifi and bluetooth capability

32GB Micro SD Card with pre-configured Raspbian Buster OS, Robot operating system (ROS), and OpenCV 3.4.12

Impeccable Hardware

High Power Servo Motors

LEDS, Resistors, Switch



45W Wall Power Supply

Specially sourced screwdriver

Over 20 construction parts for Robot Arm

Cables and Wiring

Computer Vision Kit
Raspberry Pi Camera
Camera Mounting Bracket and Hardware
Upto 30fps streaming service


Axes: 5 Degrees of Freedom + Gripper

Max Vertical Reach: 18" or 460mm

Max Horizontal Reach: 14.5" or 368mm

Payload: 100g at maximum extension

Power Supply: 45W Wall Adapter 110V

Repeatability: 1mm

Weight: 1.5lbs or 680g


Detailed Video Tutorials

You can buy EvoArm preassembled, or as a build-it-yourself kit if you want the full learning experience. The kit comes with 16 detailed step by step tutorial videos of a few minutes each, which you can easily watch at your own pace. Whether you are already a pro, or a complete novice, *you* can build EvoArm yourself.

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