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The Most Overlooked Setting for Faster And Stronger 3D prints

Most of us intuitively know about layer height and infill percentage for adjusting how fast and how strong to make a print.

A diameter of 0.4mm is the most common nozzle size at this moment, and it makes sense given its flexibility between quality, speed and strength.

To print something fast, you might go with zero or five percent infill, with a 0.28mm layer height. Depending on the shape and intended usage of this object, the result may be usable, or completely useless functionally because of low rigidity, high crushability, and so on.

Enter "Line Width" (in conjunction with "Wall Thickness"). Line Width is usually set to be same as nozzle diameter, and the vast majority of printer owners have never played around with it. Well you should!

If you want a fast hollow print that still has some strength and rigidity, change Line Width to 0.6mm. Now with a Wall Count of 2, Wall Thickness will be 1.2mm instead of the default 0.8mm. This allows for going with a much smaller infill percentage.

The other biggest speed benefit comes while printing flat horizontal surfaces. A 0.6mm nozzle has to make many less passes to cover the same surface area than a 0.4mm nozzle. Depending on the shape of your model, this can have a huge impact on the time taken for the print. Try it and see!

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