See here for full details. Learn and build the EvoStinger completely from scratch with Arduino! At the end of the session, take your built robot home with you for continued enjoyment and learning throughout the holiday season, for no extra cost !


By the end of session, each attendee will:

  • Have an understanding of programming an Arduino and connecting various sensors and motors together
  • Understand how robotic joints are constructed from underlying components
  • Introduction to 3D Printing and 3D Design
  • Learn how to program robotic joints for a complex robot to make it do interesting things
  • Learn some of the real-world applications of the geometry they learn at school!
  • Every attendee will have brand-new hardware and non-shared equipment. 


Upon arrival, each attendee will receive a box containing more than fifty components that will be used to build their own robot.


At Evodyne, we custom design our robots and instruction in tandem for maximum fun and maximum learning. Instead of locking attendees into our "system", our robots teach transferable skills, so attendees will gain confidence in sourcing components for their own designs and projects in the future.


None. Previous programming experience will help, but is *not* required.


What To Bring

For continued learning at home after building, it is recommended to bring your own Mac Or Windows laptop to install the Arduino IDE so you can program the robot from your own computer. If you do not bring a computer, we will provide one for the duration of the workshop.


Social Distancing Policy

Cognizant of the situation, we are taking the utmost care to ensure a maximally safe setup.

  • A mask is mandatory at all times with nose and mouth securely covered

  • Gloves, hand sanitizer, lysol wipes will be provided on every desk

  • Desks and chairs will be completely wiped down between sessions

  • Extra cross-ventilation forced air through back to front of building to ensure constant fresh air


Contact us at support@evodyneacademy.com or 650-318-1534 for any questions.

Build A Robotic Spider Quadruped Workshop